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6 December 2019

Art can be a Tretchirous business, in more sense than one, and especially if you are a High Priest and/or smart alec on a high horse blindly ignoring the age-old wisdom that beauty depends on what the viewer sees. You might find beauty in the simple depiction of a Campbell soup can on one of Andy Warhol’s silkscreens, or try to smoke Magritte’s pipe (or non-pipe, depending on how you look at it) because it is so realistically depicted. You might find beauty in Auntie Audrey’s watercolour of a sunset on Clifton Beach. You might find beauty in Goya’s disturbing The Third of May 1808 depicting the horrors of war (like in a horror movie), a revolutionary painting which also inspired Picasso’s Guernica depicting suffering during the Spanish Civil War. Or you might find beauty and peace in the interiors of Vermeer, a chronicler of the silence of time. The list is endless. Different brush strokes for different folks.
For those of us who wish to take up the paintbrush it might be the case that the strokes of others inspire us to create our own paintings which we would like to share with others. Sharing is one of the joys of art.
Celebrating the start of the Liebrecht Gallery’s summer salon and the celebration of our 12th birthday.

Participating: Various artists


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