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Formerly a Natal, Northern Transvaal and Junior Springbok rugby player, Cliffy Brown, who also played Rugby League for Halifax in the UK, and American football for the New Orleans Saints to boot. He then moved across to the fine arts ten years ago, after enjoying a successful career as an Illustrator and Designer.
He then decided on a career as a fine artist, both in painting and sculpture, with this in mind he decided on a move to Cape Town. The decision was the correct one as the experience has been invaluable. There he began to research for ideas, and specifically for something that he had always been in awe of, the Cosmos, and it's a minute counterpart, the Atom.
The macro and micro, male and female, light and dark, good and bad, love and fear are repetitive themes explored in his style "anatomica". A cosmic reconstruction of the atomic nature of existence. His work reflects the wonder behind reality and what lies beneath our observable Universe, unimaginably massive, filled with incredibly small particles, gravitationally drawn together over an extraordinarily long time.
An evolutionary imperative driving all things forward, for the next 14 billion years!
Cliffy Brown would like to invite you on this journey of discovery, through his medium of choice, his Imagination, using light, the elements, colour, gravity, heat, space and time.

Participating: Cliffy Brown


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