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Still City

The photographic body of work, Still City, looks closer at familiar spaces. In a world that is moving ever faster these photographs are about slowing down and taking time to examine the small moments and structures we forget to look at in the rush of everyday life.
Photographed on an analogue camera, with no light meter, the process was intended to help photographer Aik Christodoulouslow slow down and to properly consider what is and what is not of interest to him.
Pushing back against the instant gratification of the digital world, against the use of quantity in the search for quality, these photographs allow for mistakes and the unexpected. 
This city, like film, can be scratched, rough and imperfect but it is more, not less, because of that. 
Over the past 3 year's Aik has been mentored by Matt Kay, a fine art and documentary photographer based in Durban. This work is the result from the last year focussing on putting together a finished body of work. It is Aik’s first solo exhibition. 

Participating: Aik Christodoulou and Matt Kay


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