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Bataki Series

Bataki (Artists) Sello Letswalo
My current body of work which is titled Bataki “Artists” is a series of artist portraits. The works aim is to document different artist on found treated steel collected from different re-cycling depots and dumping sites. The Bataki series, intends to mend both the physical and spiritual characteristics of artist and the found object.
Livhuwani Muthivhithi
Visual artist based in Pretoria. Livhuwani's work ranges from performance art which includes poetry. He also does drawings where in his preferred medium is fine liner pen. Livhuwani also works with other mediums such as glass and ceramics.
Livhuwani Muthivhithi's concepts mainly deals with the idea of death and the juxtaposition of cultural perceptions on a daily basis for example with looking at the concept of death his work assesses the relationship that each individual has to the idea of death where in each individual adds in their own arbitrary ideas based on their cultural perception which makes this same experience (death) seem different from culture to culture.


Sello Letswalo and Livhuwani Muthivhithi


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