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The Edge of the Hedge

In this series of paintings, I focused on my personal connection with the natural world. The artworks are based on photographs taken and items collected while exploring my neighbourhood and our family farm. I find myself compelled to collect and photograph these fragments of nature, remains like bones, feathers, shells, stones and bird nests. To me they are significant, beautiful and evidence of a life lived outside our edge of consciousness. I believe each little life is important to the one living it and every life has a place in this world. I am filled with compassion for the birds, animals and insects surviving in our consumer driven unnatural high-tech society. 
Through oil painting I acknowledge and bring these casualties of our fast-paced existence closer to the edge of our awareness. 
Mia van Wyk (born 1979) is a fine artist currently working in Centurion. She has always loved creating art and followed this passion by completing a three year Diploma in Visual Communication Design (cum laude) at The Open Window Art Academy. Since completing her studies in 2000 she has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, including “Altered Realities” curated by Johan Conradie at the Pretoria Arts Association in 2015.
Her first solo exhibition “Eco-Librium” was held at Artbox Gallery in 2017.  Through painting, she explores our natural world, the complex connections between species, and questions our role as humans in this beautiful and abundant eco-system. Currently exploring themes regarding our impact on nature and our role in the extinctions of species.
Mia van Wyk favours oil paint, charcoal and collage on wooden or stretched canvas. She is driven to create more awareness of our responsibility towards nature and other species and is motivated by the potential that resides in every human being to feel empathy and compassion towards all other beings. 

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