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Skeletons in the Closet

“The skeleton in the closet is not a desirable part of life but rather an inevitable part of it. The skeleton in our closet reminds us that we are not perfect and just like us, everyone errs. Our skeletons do not only represent the mistakes or failures in our lives but more importantly, they represent the guilt, embarrassment and self-deprecation preventing us from being self-assured, nonjudgmental, conscientious people.
We need skeletons in our closets, not as perpetual catalysts for guilt but as a symbol of our humanity and that of others. We should come together as skeleton owners to encourage, strengthen and motivate one another. And not be hypocrites who seemingly deny the existence of our skeletons and thus our humanity, walking the streets as gods without fault, judging our fellow man with no reservation, although guilty for the same offences.
The owner of the skeleton in the closet is the emotionally intelligent person. You become more self-aware, more empathetic, you practice better self-regulation, your behavior is motivated by a sound understanding of yourself. Finally your social skills are tuned to meet the needs of the people you perceive to be just as mortal and vulnerable as you are.” SHERLON LEON

Participating: Various artists


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