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Spirit of Place

An exhibition of paintings

Artist Statement:

I swayed between two options for the title of this exhibition. The Spirit of Place or Deconstruction: The Essence of place. Both would have worked, but I went with the softer of the two, for although I deconstruct and try to find an essence, I am ultimately working towards finding the soul of a place.

My obsession right now with the spiritual and physical elements that give meaning, value and emotion and mystery to a place have dictated the differing styles. My concern was that the audience might think that this is a group show rather than that of one person. Some works are geometric and angular, others flow and appear lyrical. Some are earthy and monotone, others bright and more dramatic. It is a question of what to be true to, your artistic style , or the message that you need to convey for that particular work? I am still deciding.

Participating: Sharle Matthews


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