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27 September 2019

To commemorate the earthquake of 50 years ago, the Overstrand Artist Collective will be exhibiting artworks exploring the ramifications of the theme BROKEN. 
This exciting exhibition, which forms part of the 2019 Tulbach Arts Festival titled ARTBEWING, comprises paintings, photography, collage and sculpture, and will be hosted by Manley Wine Lodge, in the Cellar, from 27 – 29 September.
The 9 all-female artists have this to say about their work: 
‘We do not only think of broken earth through natural disaster, but also of ‘brokeness’ on a deeper, more personal level.
For example, celebrated photographer and taxidermist, Kali van der Merwe’s creativity opens an aperture to the mysteries of life through the lens of death. She uses a technique termed light painting, which blurs the boundaries between photography, painting and drawing. Kali uses senseless road kill as inspiration for her sculptures, images and animation.
Sculptor Andrée Bonthuys is concerned by fragile balances in nature, which are so easily upset by mankind’s greed and thoughtlessness. She creates with remains, whether bone or plant or bleached coral, gathered on her daily walks on the mountains and shores of Hermanus. 
Abstract painter, Yoko Reijn, observes ‘brokeness’ on a deeper level of our modern society, while illustrator Val Myburgh is concerned that humans have overpopulated earth to the detriment of the environment. Jeweler and sculptor Yvonne de Witt says, 
“To comprehend the earth, the soil, stones and rocks, is to connect with my inner human core. As a jeweler I work daily with materials from the earth. This is my ode to Mother Earth!” 
Photographer Lyn Mossop focuses on nature, showing how insignificant we, and our acquisitions, are in the greater scheme of Nature. Marian Binder will show delicate watercolours on cotton cloth. Her magnified, fractured studies focus on nature caught in the crossfire of man’s burning desire for development. And Dutch-born artist, Jon Daamen, uses collage to express her love for nature and draws on her experiences as a florist for inspiration.
Figurative painter Carol Carver offers hope. She says, 
“Broken is only part of the cycle. Once harmony is reached, equilibrium can then take place”. 

Participating: Kali van der Merwe, Andrée Bonthuys,Yoko Reijn, Val Myburgh, Yvonne de Witt, Lyn Mossop, Marian Binder, Jon Daamen and Carol Carver


Address: Winterhoek Road, Tulbagh, Western Cape