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It is Within

31 August 2019 - 21 September 2019

 It is easy upon first reflection to review Jordan Sweke’s practice as an archetypical duality of realism vs abstraction. Sweke creates visual manifestations that stretch from detailed abstraction, into cellular binaries and through into formal landscapes. One can often be compelled to explore this variety as simply deliberate contradictions. On the one hand, we observe organic forests, trees, sky or the sea and then when we approach closer to investigate surface details, these quickly become a dissolved and broken geometry – like pure gesture, with pattern and coded formula.
These contrasts of positive and negative spaces, lightness versus darkness, a chaos versus order, seem to evoke opposing narratives. However, by the artist’s own account, the combinations of the contrasts converge into a third thread, a ‘space’ which is not so much ‘abstracted’ or ‘realistic’ or ‘micro’ or ‘macro’ but rather an in-between that the audience inhabits as they engage with the artworks.
 There is a combination of natural materiality and digital process as well as of realism and abstracted pixilation and these all serve to catapult the audience from omniscient observer to face head on their actions, their effects, and our place within nature and the whole world around us.

Participating:  Jordan Sweke


Address: 6 Jellicoe Ave, Rosebank
Tel: 011 788 4805
Gallery hours Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00. Saturday 09:00 - 13:00.


Times and Tales of the Unexpected

Participating: Abe Opperman

Opening: Tuesday 24 September 2019 - 7 October 2019

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