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1 September 2019

"Levels" has become a slang term amongst young people that refers to making progress in life. You tell your friends that you've bought a new car, received a promotion or moved to new accommodation, and they'll reply by saying "Levels", meaning you have moved up another step on the social ladder.
With his first solo exhibition, Madonsela explores the different levels of societal structure in South Africa. His figures, which he calls "humans", are neutral figures that depict no race or gender. They represent people in general and not a particular demographic, implying that we all have the same shared experiences.
Madonsela, a former student at Artist Proof Studio, has over the past few years developed his "humans" as a unique expression of his experiences as a young man in an ever-changing South Africa. This is his first solo exhibition, but you have probably already took note of his work at Turbine Art Fair over the past three years as well as numerous group exhibitions across the city. 

Participating: Thokozani Madonsela


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Tel: 011 880 0362
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1000 Drawings Festival of Art

Participating: Various artists

Opening: Friday 27 March 2020 at 14:00

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