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Flights of Fancy

15 August 2019

Whimsy (n) whim.sy | \ 'hwim-ze
Plural whimsies also whimsey
2.    The quality or state of being whimsical or fanciful
3.    A fanciful or fantastic device, object, or creation especially in writing or art
Both Fine Art graduates from Rhodes University, Elizabeth Tristram and Amy Jane van den Bergh have been working together over the past few years. “Flights of Fancy” is a collaborative exhibition between the two artists.
Each of the artworks began with Elizabeth’s watercolour succulents – a theme she enjoys exploring. Then, Amy Jane, whose art practice is focused on birds, screen printed the whimsical, playful figures over the completed paintings.
“Watercolour captivates me, I fell in love with the delicacy and looseness required for watercolour work”
 - Elizabeth Tristram
“I like my work to be playful and imaginatively illustrative” 
- Amy Jane van den Bergh
What started as an exploration of the artists’ individual themes resulted in a collaborative body of work that celebrates playfulness and whimsy. This exhibition presents a refreshing perspective, to be relished by anyone who recognises that art is not always a serious business. It showcases the light-hearted nature of illustration, and the joy of creating, and of being artists.

Participating: Amy Jane van den Bergh & Elizabeth Tristram


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