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Potter of the Month

4 August 2019

Beckley began tuition in ceramics with the late Julia Fraser who in turn had been a student of John Edwards.  Being in the dance world most of her life, she found the creative aspect right up her street.   Having joined Digby Hoets’s studio around 1985/86 she kept expanding her studies and technique. 
All her work is on the wheel and in general with porcelain clay, but occasionally she uses earthenware clay.  She prefers creating ‘form’ as opposed to highly decorative pieces, and has been influenced somewhat by the classical period of Greece and ancient Oriental shapes.  Reports have indicated that she works in the ‘Anglo/Oriental tradition’.
In 1998 she entered, what she describes as her ‘dotty’ period!  This resulted from a visit to family in Australia where she discovered the Aboriginal art of dot painting.  One area of particular interest is South African rock art, which she sometimes portrays on a clay body using the ‘Dot-painting’ technique.
Jean Beckley has participated in several workshops offered by Ceramics SA and other individual artists, and have exhibited in both Regional and National exhibitions.  On occasions she achieved Highly Commended Awards and has a work acquired for the Corobrick Collection and another by the William Humphrey Gallery.

Participating: Jean Beckley


Address: 173 Mackie Str, Nieuw Muckleneuk
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