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An ethereal, rubber environment with threads and tendrils has entered the Absa building. It’s an otherworldly, sensory circumstance, which perhaps in one moment is a kelp forest of seaweed and anemones, and the next an umbilical cord searching for its ‘mother’, or a hidden inner bodily microcosm. Is this unworldliness the sea, the land, a microscopic universe or an intestinal tract, inner or outer? What are these creatures – of body, of water, of earth? Are we enveloped in a hidden world – one we wish to look at or walk away from, and pretend that it doesn’t exist?
Three consecutive winners of the annual and prestigious Absa L’Atelier Art Competition (2012 - 2014) have combined their individually unique conceptual and artistic skills, to create an immersive experience from an unfamiliar material. Elrie Joubert, Pauline Gutter and Liberty Battson have created TRIPE.

Participating: Elrie Joubert | Pauline Gutter | Liberty Battson


Address: ABSA Towers North Building 161 Main Street
Tel: 011 350 5139