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Outliers Unplugged

4 July 2019

Outliers def: Often seen as non-conformist outliers are persons, phenomena or things situated away or detached from the mainstream or system, differing from all other members of a particular group or set.
Often the unconventional serves as a conduit to shift perspectives and possibly create capacity for new insights. The Outliers unplugged: John Bauer, Annamieke Engelbrecht, Ade Kipades & Lars Fischedick is a collective that will challenge the viewer to consider perceiving beyond the norm. The expressive abstraction of space, light and our physical world interpreted by the artists in their unique visual languages will indeed take their audience on a journey that will enrich their visual palette, tantalise their curiosity of what lies beyond the evident and unplug their reservations.
John Bauer: John is globally recognised for his unusual, cutting edge developments in Porcelain production. Using Sung Dynasty techniques, the images on his work rise above the surface of the clay. They are not negative impressions, but positive ‘expressions’ from the clay’s surface.There is always a surprise factor in his work. It is full of light and translucency. “One of my signature themes is the depiction of angels and mythical beings which arose in my wanting to draw love into my life, and also to come to understand how I understand love.”
Annamieke Engelbrecht: The constant stream of data and unlimited access to information is rewiring our brains to crave instant satisfaction. Instant gratification, the need to experience fulfilment without delay, is universally consumed on a daily basis My oil paintings, in their entire essence, stands in complete contrast to the instant digital world that is the internet. Using pixelated images of YouTube videos on its lowest quality as inspiration, I create these layered and time consuming paintings as a challenge to my own impatient, satisfaction-seeking nature.
Lars Fischedick: I am exploring the space between optical illusion and reality – the moment of the day meeting the night, above and below, outer and inner. One has to find a new language to pinch through and into it. So, if I stand in a closed up old barn I can see through the gaps of the planks the outside light, but not the rays streaming in. Only the moment I kick some dust up do the rays become visible right around me. This does not mean that those rays didn’t exist the moment I entered the barn. It became part of my reality the moment I kicked the dust. ’‘My art is about kicking up dust.’
Ade Kipades: From 2005 Kipades began exploring abstract expressionism, a painting style based upon the abstract philosophies of the European schools. He has found that by tuning in to subtle energetic sensations taking place within his body and expresses these through ‘automatic drawing’, a process initiated by early surrealist painters for accessing the subconscious mind, he is able to construct surreal abstractions that speak about the underlying energetic patterns that make up reality as we know it. 

Participating: John Bauer, Annamieke Engelbrecht, Ade Kipades & Lars Fischedick


Address: 111 Loop Street, Cape Town
Cell: +27 76 213 0442
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10:00 - 16:00. Saturday 10:00 - 13:00.


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Participating: Marlene Steyn

Opening: Saturday 26 October 2019 at 11:00 - 7 December 2019

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