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Living Depth, Comprehension

"Living Depth, Comprehension": For the Artist, art possesses a life and depth. For the viewer, this must be comprehended. 

Curated by Amy Pike.

Often artists produce works possessing a life and depth which the general audience struggles to comprehend. The theme "Living Depth, Comprehension" seeks to explore the deeper realms of the term Understanding, and to broaden the mind of the viewer. It also has links to the term Living, and what this means especially when communicated by an artist to an audience. The works in this show have been selected as they hold deep, sometimes complex, theoretical concepts and meanings, and in order to truly appreciate the works, the viewer needs to be willing to delve beneath the surface and to push the boundaries of their understanding.

Participating: Nellien Brewer, Sarel Petrus, Adelheid von Maltitz, Fatima Moosa, Stephanie Fichardt. 


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