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18 October 2018

The exhibition is a portrait of the artist, composed of varying qualities and languages of line work which are reflective of his response to various physical environments and contexts. The work in the exhibition is made up of 4 distinct chapters which are structured as a linear narrative - a journey from one form of urbanity or place to another as experienced by the artist. As the journey progresses, so the line quality, and its message, changes. The line is a barometer of the personal condition of the artist, in response to place.
Much like in the instance of a polygraph, the line changes depending on the pulse of the artist. This pulse is a reflection of Nassimbeni’s attitude to a place. The architecture of place is considered as well as felt, guiding the line intuitively. The works seek to uncover the idea of ‘the process of making’, and the discipline of printmaking. The layering of paper brings focus to the quality of line and process of the building of an image. These are principles inherent in the discipline of architecture and urbanism, as uncovered by the process of drawing and printmaking.
The collection of many images layered onto one another is about the creation of a language of line which tells the story of the artist’s emotive and cerebral response to varying types of urban environment, and in particular, the two which have been most present in his recent linear journey. In all, the artworks are a series of portraits of places made of lines which represent the artist's response to those places. As such, the portraits of the places work together in the presentation of a portrait of the artist.

Participating: Lorenzo Nassimbeni


Address: 142 Jan Smuts Ave Parkwood
Tel: 011 447 0627
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00. Saturday 09:00 - 16:00.


Leeto: A Sam Nhlengethwa Print Retrospective

Participating: Sam Nhlengethwa

Opening: Tuesday 11 June 2019 at 18:30

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