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Celesté von Solms:
I have often reflected on the human need to place everything in its own group of evaluation. The Body and what would be considered ‘beautiful’ is no exception, even though choosing a single ‘perfect body’ is impossible. I believe that everyone was created to be perfect, that all human bodies are beautiful and should be admired. I make detailed drawings of the human body to express this.
I centre all my artistic attention on the body, thus the open background, simply using graphite pencil on textured paper. Detail is the focus of the work as all colour is removed.
I wish to abolish all subjugation of humans, the discrimination against their bodies, against their race and gender. I want to create beautiful art that revolves around us, the perfect humans.
Liebner-Anthony van Zyl creates portrait style paintings with a contemporary approach, his minimal use of detail and his restrained palette evocative of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's lithographs. Van Zyl’s work conveys a subtle and moving sense of struggle of the personal self, and there is a resonance with that struggle for us all. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

Participating: Celeste von Solms and Liebner-Anthony van Zyl


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