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THE PADDOCK III: POSTED (from Sydney to New York to Paris to Johannesburg to...)

A travelling postcard exhibition and Instagram project.
A global, travelling postcard and Instagram project showcasing the work of abstract artists in various cities. This artist-run project selects a curator in each city, who receives the posted artworks and invites 14 local artists to make abstract postcard size works. The 14 new artists’ works, together with all the works in the journey thus far, are also posted to an Instagram account in a virtual exhibition 
The concept was initiated by The Paddock, 14 artists from the National Art School in Sydney, with the first exhibition curated by Lisa Sharp. The exhibition was posted from Sydney to New York, and there curated by Michelle Le Dain, Leanne Stella & Art in FLUX. At the end of the New York show the exhibition travelled to Paris, at Galerie Abstract Project, under the curatorship of Bogumila Strojna. 
This is the fourth edition, posted from Paris to Johannesburg, showing at The Blue Door, curated by Derek Zietsman.

Participating: Various artists


Address: 24 Chatou Street, Richmond, Johannesburg