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14 September 2018

"HERSELF" is a story about women told by a woman. The theme of this exhibition it is to celebrate women, their tenacity in the face of gender stereotypes and their fights to find a voice of authenticity, their identity, their courage, and their sacrifices, which goes beyond social expectations and provides hope for future generations. "HERSELF" exhibition represents a body of work I have created in the last two months, as part of a series called "Nkanta" a collection inspired by African women who have power, courage and wisdom to follow their own goals. "Nkanta" is a Zambian name, which is also found in Xhosa language in South Africa, is a piece of cloth that women use to balance when carrying things on their heads.
Every new painting displays motivation for other women, calling for action, asking to raise their heads in confidence and return them to their natural female authenticity. Bringing it to the world without any fear of reprisal. These paintings stand out for their grand scale, which supports the grandeur of that collective image of a Zambian woman even more. The postures show pride and strength. The colors speak of vibrating power of female soul and the eyes share the same hardship of being a woman today in a society dominated by men.

Participating: Mwamba Chikwemba


Address: 47-49 Geartmore Street, Woodstock.
Tel: 021 447 9699


Avital Lang Gallery and studio

Participating: Joseph Buys

Opening: Thursday 20 June 2019 at 18:00 - 20 July 2019

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