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Woza Sisi

22 August 2018

An exhibition by Alumnus Award Recipient Dahlia Maubane.
Woza Sisi is a project that explores how women hairstylists working in the Johannesburg CBD and in Maputo negotiate, navigate and shape complex demarcated trading zones. It looks at the ways in which women position themselves; how they use and negotiate urban spaces.
Visibility is important for hairstylists working informally; they have to call potential clients in a persuasive way – “Woza Sisi!, Woza zobona!, Woza Nice!”. The hairstylists in these images invest in creating an unforgettable experience; to keep loyal customers returning and possibly bring in new customers through word-of-mouth. This new chapter of the Woza Sisi project diverts to focus on the physical urban spaces in which the hairdressers live and work. Juxtaposing photographs of multiple viewpoints of Johannesburg and Maputo with tight interior views, this iteration negotiates the paradoxical multiplicity and singularity of hairdressing within these urban zones.
The first chapter of Woza Sisi was developed by Dahlia Maubane in 2012. Maubane has expanded on the project with a new chapter of photographs produced with the support of the Market Photo Workshop Alumnus Award.

Participating: Dahlia Maubane


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