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12 September 2018

The common thread running through the exhibition is the artists’ collective fascination with spaces: they separately explore the concept and alchemy of creating, inhabiting, and retreating into spaces. 
Julia Cavalieri is to a large extent a self-taught artist. Graduating with a law degree in South Africa, she spent years working in Paris in a corporate environment. It was only on her return to Johannesburg, that she moved into the art world and is now painting and sculpting full time. Cavalieri prefers to work on large canvasses, predominantly using oils and mixed media. Exploring sculpture as a new medium, Cavalieri’s installation is central to her new body of work called ‘Shadow Nests’. Her clay figures encased in organic Perspex shapes and her paintings are projections of the subconscious, the allusion of a very private space – an inner nest moulded by an outside world. "She paints not to make pictures but to use paint as a poet uses words, to put before us and to invite us into, a ‘place’ of special experience.” - Ricky Burnett.
Sue Martin completed her Fine Art’s degree at the University of Natal Pietermaritzburg before moving to Johannesburg in the early '80s. Her work incorporates various media, including painting, printmaking and photography. Her subject matter is fundamentally about figures within a landscape, walking or floating above, together or alone. Part of her current work “Lie of the Land” incorporates the printed word that has been either cut and pasted or painted onto the surface. The surface that is being painted upon is as important as the image itself.  Her growing passion for this process has led her to explore the spatial considerations within a painting even further, laying down words or marks and then pushing them into the distance, layering not only different surfaces but also meanings. The process

Participating: Julia Cavalieri


Address: 26 Melville Road, Illovo


A Retrospective Exhibition - Selected Paintings by Harold Voigt from 1972 to 2019

Participating: Harold Voigt

Opening: Thursday 27 June 2019 at 18:00 - 20 July 2019

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