Contact Diek Grobler
Tel: +27 12 343 8690 / Cel: 082 3747115
P.O.Box 36598, Menlo Park, 0102, South Africa

Recent work

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Mission statement

If forced to classify my work into an -ism, the term Magic Realism gets closest to what I attempt to achieve. My work is inspired by common occurrences which seems insignificant in terms of global social or political issues, but when scrutinized, contains the essentials of human drama.

I place these everyday ideas in new and unusual contexts, thus heightening its impact due to the 'strangeness' of the resulting images. A recurring theme in my work is the relation between spirituality and reality. This I address by using biblical narratives depicted within a contemporary context. Humor and irony is important in my work because of its communicative power, but especially because humor requires the subversion of the usual meaning of something.

In order for something to be funny or ironical, its context or outcome should be other than what could normally be expected. This is also the aim of my work.